Financial Support

Childcare vouchers through work, have been replaced with HMRC Tax Free Childcare.

For this you can open an account with HMRC and for every £8 you pay in they will add £2.

This is then transferred to an approved childcare setting of your choice.

For a step by step guide to this and to check eligibility go to

30 hours funded childcare

We are an approved provider for the 30hrs free childcare.

This is available to all 3 to 5 year olds as long as you meet the eligibility criteria

The 30 hours is available during term time i.e. for 38 weeks of the year (30 x 38 = 1140hrs per year). As we are open all year we apply for the Stretched Offer over 51 weeks (1140 / 51 = 22 hrs every week).

To check eligibility go to

If you are not eligible for 30hrs all children are entitled to the free 15 hours regardless of circumstances.

Two Year Old Funding

We are also an approved provider for the two year old funding, this is for children aged between 2 and 3 but has a different set of eligibility criteria.

Parents can now check if they are eligible by using Citizens Portal at or call the Customer Service Desk on 0345 1551013 if they think they qualify and have not received a Golden Ticket.

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