“Our experience at Scribblez keeps confirming every day the excellent initial impression we got just minutes after entering the nursery the first time we visited the setting.   By saying this, I think I can interpret the feelings of many other parents. I am sure they will share the same level of appreciation for a myriad of big and small details: from the professional Montessori learning experience to the cultural diversity you promote, from the warmth and personal involvement of all teachers to the healthy nutrition freshly provided every day by your outstanding team of cooks.”

“As far as I am concerned, I will be happy to keep driving all the way to Scribblez Nursery with Elia until he will enter school. I will pass in front of so many other nurseries far closer to our home, and yet I will do it gladly as I know that Elia could not find a better place to grow. Thanks for all you are doing every day!”

“At Scribblez Nursery every child is appreciated for what they are, irrespective of their nationality, language or culture. Diversity is actually celebrated in many ways, with a variety of events that promote the children’s awareness of the richness stemming from a multicultural and inclusive environment. As you can imagine, this is particularly important for an international family like ours and for many others that we personally know from the university community”

“This is a fantastic nursery, which provides outstanding care and attention for the young children who attend.
My daughter loves going to Scribblez and genuinely adores the staff who work with her. As a parent, I am always kept fully informed about all aspects of her day and feel confident that the team always go above and beyond what can reasonably be expected to ensure that she is happy, safe, stimulated and secure. I am delighted by the provision and have no hesitation in recommending it to others!”

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